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At Friedman Law Office, Kansas City and Missouri clients get the personal, one-on-one attention they deserve with personal injury issues including car accidents, product liability, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, as well as insurance bad faith claims and claims for the denial of life insurance benefits. Attorney Marsha Friedman is dedicated to securing the best possible result for every client she represents, and understands how complex these issues can be.  Whether through negotiation of a settlement or litigation, clients can rely on an experienced, capable lawyer who is compassionate and driven, always focused on the client's desired outcome.

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Friedman Law Office understands how important it is for those who are victims of negligence to be clear about the compensation they may be entitled to.  Many are hesitant to file an injury lawsuit, however those who are injured frequently face not only enormous medical costs, but lost wages or even the loss of future income.  Pain and suffering, emotional distress, and future medical costs may also be awarded in some cases.  Car accidents, product liability, and nursing home abuse can all result in an individual's life being permanently changed or damaged.  You deserve to be fully compensated for all costs related to your injuries.

Car accidents are the most common cause of serious or fatal injuries in the Kansas City and surrounding areas in Missouri.  When an innocent victim is seriously injured because of a negligent motorist, defective product, or nursing home abuse, he or she deserves to be paid for medical cost and other costs.  In a situation where an individual is killed in a car accident or dies due to injuries attributed to nursing home abuse or product liability, surviving family members may wish to investigate the benefits of filing a wrongful death claim.  Regardless of the circumstances, Marsha Friedman is a compassionate lawyer who believes in justice, and works aggressively to achieve it for her clients.

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The Friedman Law Office wants to fight for you if you have experienced an insurance bad faith claim or denial of life insurance benefits.  Because of the nature of working in personal injury, it is common for an attorney to see clients whose insurance companies act in bad faith, or whose providers deny the payment of life insurance benefits in the event of the policy holder's death.  Although most people put full faith in their insurance providers, paying premiums month after month, year after year this does not mean that the insured party or beneficiary will be protected; in fact, this is often not the case.


Regardless of whether you have a car accident claim, personal injury claim, have been the victim of nursing home abuse or a defective product, or have been denied the benefits you deserve by your or your love ones insurance company, contact the law office of Marsha Friedman in Kansas City today. The Friedman Law Office wants to fight for you.